Broken Shortcut (Control+Option+Num pad)

It’s seems that if I assign a shortcut Control+Command+Number to a script, if I press number not from numeric pad script is triggered and work but if I press number from number pad, script is triggered but nothing happen (I can this that it’s triggered because last run (Option+Cmd+R) changed)

And when I’m typing shortcut with number from Numeric Pad, Script Menu blinks differently.

Do you get anything in the macro window?

Are you really using a QWERTY keyboard, and not that AZERTY hell (where you need press shift to type numbers, among other things)?

I’m using AZERTY, I just take the first image of keyboard to make my illustration :sweat_smile:
It’s default French Keyboard

I added a print in a script test and it seems that Control+Option+Num Pad trigger twice script.