Browse through my ”glyphs”

I’m very used to be able to browse through my ”glyphs” in glyph window view in FontLab with ”comma” and ”period” without having to close the window or change work mode. It’s a simple yet very efficient way to edit a range of glyphs without loosing focus.

I there such a function i Glyphs-app? And that doesn’t resolve to ”cover flow” ?

On a compact keyboard (MacBook) use Fn+left/right arrow keys. On a extended keyboard use two of the six buttons above the cursor keys (I’m not sure as I only have compact keyboards).

Works like a charm! Thank you!


Handbook, page 23: You can switch to the previous or next glyph in the font by pressing the Home and End key, respectively. Add Shift to advance through the glyphs as they are currently visible in the Font tab.