Bug: 1.3.19 (477) beta: GlyphData.xml typo: I-cy (uni0418) & i-cy (uni0438) related

Glyphs 1.3.19 (477) beta
Cyrillic glyphs

In GlyphData.xml, there are two entries with the name I-cy and two with i-cy. uni0418 should be Ii-cy and uni0438 should be ii-cy. The versions with diacritics should also reference the Ii-cy name in the decompose attribute, such as ShortI-cy, Igrave-cy, Imacron-cy, Idieresis-cy. And similarly for the lowercase.

With the duplicate names, Glyphs added uni0406 even when trying to generate glyph uni0418 (since they’re both listed as I-cy). The workaround, of course, is to edit the file, myself.

I haven’t reviewed the rest of the Cyrillic, though perhaps Alexei Vanyashin did when he reworked the Cyrillic decompose sections for his workflow.

Looks like this change occurred between 1.3.19 (452) and 1.3.19 (476) betas.

I’m working with Alexei to consolidate the cyrillic names. E.g. he suggested to remove the double i.

Oh, good. Of course, that means that uni0406 and uni0456, the Byelorussian-Ukranian variants, will need new names.

I look forward to the rest of the changes. I decided to start on the Cyrillic earlier than originally planned and have a copy of one version of Alexei’s GlyphData.xml.

Related to GlyphData.xml and decomposition, I noticed that in the Greek uppercase there were decompose lines that said, e.g., “Alphatonos” should be decomposed into “A, tonos.case”. That should probably be decomposed into “Alpha, tonos.case” in case the Alpha ended up with a slightly different design.

Also, it would be nice to make similar changes for the other marks, too. So, when a glyph named “Fod” had “somemark”