Bug: add other font as master broken?

Tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve taken a multiple master font and generated instances, with the intention of creating a new Glyphs file using those instances as masters. When I try to add them as masters (either to a new file, or to one of the generated files) by clicking “Add Other Font,” shouldn’t I see all those generated instances as options? (The files are all still open.) For some reason I only see one choice.

You might need to save the instances. I check that.

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That solved it, thanks!

Probably related: Just noticed that if you have many fonts open and one of them is unsaved (e.g., right after a Cmd-N), Add Other Font may pick the wrong font. E.g. you pick Font A in the dialog, but actually get Font B added. Saving the unsaved font fixes that too.

I fixed it.

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In my case just saving the files wasn’t enough. I had to restart Glyphs until it worked properly. (version 780)

Would you please reconsider adding single-click Add Instance As Master functionality, as Superpolator does? I’ve tried the brace trick and it just doesn’t work for me; I really need the simplicity and clarity of a separate master for intermediate weights, one that has all the glyphs in plain sight in the Font View where I can view them as a whole.

Exporting an instance as a font and then adding it to an MM file as a master doesn’t really work for me; all the component glyphs need to be rebuilt. Or am I doing it wrong? What I finally wound up doing is exporting the instance as an OTF, then saving it as a .glyphs file, then using Add Font As Master, then going through and fixing all the incompatibilities by hand, glyph by glyph. It would be great if I didn’t have to do this.

Yes. Try this:

  1. In File > Font Info > Instances, deactivate all instances except the one you want to add.
  2. File > Generate Instances, will create a new Glyphs document.
  3. In the original two-master document, in File > Font Info > Masters, click the Plus button in the bottom left and choose Add Other Font, then pick the instance you just generated.

Perfect. Thanks, Erich! If I’ve got this, I really don’t need one-click.

Although I do have a birthday coming up.

I’ll see what I can do for you. :smile: