Bug? Can't add glyphs/edit info

Everything has been peachy with the latest update. But I fired Glyphs up this morning and couldn’t add any new glyphs to any of my fonts or edit the info. Tried restarting computer, saving copies, checking my computer’s clock, etc. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious!

Probably not related: since the latest update, there is no visual indicator (greyed-out Glyphs logo) that the file has been edited, though it does save changes.

//EDIT// The problem has vanished. No longer an issue I hope!

Do you know what caused the problem? My first suspicion was that the file was still locked.

This is a known issue with version 1.3.19 (451). Either go back to version 1.3.17 or enable “show cutting edge versions” in preferences to get a fixed but still beta version.