Bug? Can't delete a vector section

I isolated a section of a glyph vector for editing and separated it from the rest of the glyph.

I did this by holding Shift + pen tool and isolating the section I want to modify.

Suddenly, that section would NOT delete - no matter what I do. I tried deleting the nodes one by one and also selecting the whole section to delete, and nothing worked.

After I quit glyphs and restarted it was fine.

Here’s a screen shot of the section I’m working with (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7s6swc2y7l9ovuq/Screenshot%202015-11-01%2018.02.58.png?dl=0)


  • Jim

I can’t exactly reproduce it but found another problem that is probably caused by the same issue. Will try to fix it.

I encounter this phenomenon once a month or so. As you noted, a quick restart always fixes it.