Bug: Can't get the curve node to work

Newbie here- I’ve been trying to add a curved (circle) node by double clicking with the option on mac. It works the first time I open up Glyphs in a new project but stops working a few minutes in.

By stop working I mean it is pretty inconsistent: most if the time nothing happens when I click with opt, and sometimes the existing circular (green) nodes become ghost nodes, only when I know where they are and click do they come up. The frustrating thing is that a few times it has worked, but there seems to be no logic to when (unlike when I first run the system),] and I’ll get ghost nodes after the initial working-well period. Also, sometimes at this point when the curved nodes don’t work the zoom with the keypad also stops working.

I’ve asked peers and no one seems to know. I’ve updated my Mac, cleared the cache, and re-downloaded. I have plenty of storage.

Any help would be appreciated, this is my last hope!, It’s driving me nuts. Thanks!

What exactly are you trying to do?

Round nodes are not curve nodes, that are smooth nodes. To change a line segment into a curve segment, you (single) option click the line, not the node.

The smooth node only makes sense (and thus, can only appear) next to a curve segment. Because it aligns a handle and only curve segments have handles.

If you are trying to convert a blue node between two line segments, there are no handles next to it because line segments have no handles, and thus it will not work.

In that case you need to turn one of the adjacent line segments into a curve segment: single click the line segment with the Select tool and the option key held down.