Bug? Can't undo "open corner" that has corner component

Make a path with an interior corner. Make a corner component and add it to the corner. Select that corner and choose “open corner” from the contextual menu.

When the corner opens, one of the new inside nodes gets the corner component. That in itself isn’t illogical, but it’s not what the usual desired behavior will be, and it is not consistent with what happens if you open the corner first then add the corner component (namely, that the component gets applied to the “virtual corner”).

Moreover, undo gets broken in the process, and the opening of the corner can’t be Cmd-Z’ed.

(This is all in G2)

Can you send me a screen recoding of this?

Tried to send to support just now. Let me know if it went through.

I have fixed this.

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Maybe related: on a glyph with corner components, if I choose Open Corner on a different corner (not one with a component), then choose Sharpen Corner to “undo” the opening, the corner components shift along the path. It seems the node index to which the components are attached is not compensating when Sharpen Corner changes the path.