Bug: contextual menu not showing some options when multiple nodes drag-selected (fixed, never mind)

If I select two consecutive nodes, say the bottom of a rectangle, by clicking one then shift-clicking the next, then Ctrl-click for a context menu, included on it are Add Cap, Reconnect Nodes, Open Corner, Add Corner, and others.

If I instead select those nodes by drag-clicking over them, those four menu options don’t appear.

(I understand that some of these options wouldn’t make sense for some of the things you might select that way, but for selections that are appropriate I think Glyphs should offer them.)

I couldn’t reproduce this in 2.4.1 (971). Perhaps you selected a third node when drag-clicking? Check the info box for the number next to the filled square (lower right of the grey info box after selection).

Ah, never mind, there was an extra unattached node hiding exactly behind one of the others.

Thanks for the debugging idea.