Bug: cutting and pasting letters of different masters

When I select and then cut or copy glyphs in an edit window, then paste them again, I wish the masters used for them were reproduced in the pasted glyphs. For example, if I use “Show all masters” to produce three letters in a three-weight-master font file, I find that copying and pasting those does not preserve them as light/regular/bold. (They mostly all become whichever weight is selected in the toolbar, though I’m also seeing some inexplicable other weights occur sometimes.)
I think this operation used to preserve the weights, and that was far preferable in my opinion.

You mean copying the text?

Yes, with the [T] tool

I am not sure about this. Not quite the same but similar: I have more problems with glyphs stuck on a layer. What I do is select all and Cmd-T, then all glyphs react to Cmd-1,2,3 again.

Are you talking about glyphs for which you have chosen the layer to display from the layer palette? Those have always resisted changing with Cmd-1,2,3 but I consider that a feature rather than a bug.
The peculiarities I’m describing are newer to recent builds, I think.

there is no difference if you manually select the layers from the layer panel or run “Show all masters”. Copying that never carried over when copy pasting.

Hmm, I guess I’m misremembering.
Is there a way to have Glyphs copy the layer setting when copying text?

I need to implement it.