Bug: Disappearing values in Primitives dialog boxes

Another bug I’ve just spotted in 1.3.26 (530) of Glyphs:

  1. In dialog boxes for Primitives, you can’t press Tab to cycle between the value input boxes, which is a bit restrictive from an accessibility standpoint.

  2. As you enter a value in one box, and then click into the second box, the first box appears blank. Screenshots:

What version of MacOS do you have?

Mountain Lion, 10.8.4, running on Macbook Air 13" (2013). Cheers!

Bumping this topic, as I have the same issue and don’t see any posts with a solution.

MacOS: 10.11.6
Glyphs: 2.3.1 (922)

This has turned into one of those bugs that comes and goes from one version to another. I’ve learned to live with it and only think about it if other people mention it.

bumping this topic; it’s reappeared in 2.4.1 on MacOS 10.12.3. same behavior as initial post.

I have a look.