Bug in empty base glyph warning?

Hi, I’m working in a font for CNC, laser and plotter, so all glyphs are open paths.
But when building glyphs with components I get false “empty base glyph” warnings just only when a component is made of other component.

Like /atilde/ build from /a+tildecomb/ but /tildecomb/ is made of /tilde/.

In case I build /atilde/ with /a+tilde/ I get no warnings.

Warning dissapears adding a closed path to /tilde/ or /tildecomb/

In the image from left to rigth: a+tilde, tilde, tildecomb, a+tildecomb

Can you send me that font?

Hi Georg, I checked with another WIP font and same happens, so I decide to restart the computer to replicate the bug from scratch, which always happens like this:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Draw a glyph with an open stroke, for example A
  3. Draw a glyph with an open stroke, for example acute
  4. Create the acutecomb glyph by adding acute as a component
  5. Generate the Aacute glyph from the side menu

There appears the warning

  1. Edit the acute or acutecomb glyph to add an open stroke.

The warning disappears.

  1. Delete the stroke done in step 6 and close the acute path.

The warning disappears.

Could you please try to reproduce those steps? Will take you a minute.

Hi, here is a font with the isolated problem.

question.glyphs (6.9 KB)

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