Bug in generated version number string

I ran into what seems to be a bug. When generating, if the version is set to x.000 (x is 1, 2, 3, whatever), the version string will begin with "Version 1.000;PS 00x.000;…” instead of "Version x.000;PS 00x.000;…” Somehow, if the part after the dot is “000”, the first part of the version string will always be “1” regardless what is entered there. So, for example, if I set the version to 3.000, the version string in the generated font reads "Version 1.000;PS 003.000;…”

The only fix I’ve found is to set the second part to something other than “000”. For example, if I bump it up to 3.001, the version string will be correct ("Version 3.001;PS 003.001;…”).

I fixed that already in 2.3 (839).

Ah, good! Still on 2.2.2. Rather not use betas for real production.