Bug?: kerning multiple letters


I downloaded glyphs 0.8 today and was working on kerning pairs, and noticed Glyphs is kerning multiples of the same character simultaneously. For instance: the word "IMMEDIATE"
As I adjust the right side of the first “M”, it is also doing the same to the second “M”.

So far I have noticed this on all characters.
Is this a new bug or a new setting in 0.8 I am unaware of? Something to do with classes?



I don’t fully understand what you are doing.

Do you mean that you set the right side bearing of the “M” or do you apply kerning to the “MM” pair.
In the latter case, do you have kerning classes assigned (is there something in the “G:” fields in the glyph info box)?

I fixed the import of kerning classes from .otf fonts so that could be the change you see with the latest version.

Georg Seifert

To clarify:

I am adjusting the right side bearing of the first “M” with the command and arrow keys. As I do this, it is adjusting the right side bearing of the second “M” at the same time (pulling the “E” closer). In other words, it is adjusting the right side bearing to ALL "M"s at the same time. The same happens with the "I"s and all words with multiples of the same character. Is this supposed to be the case? I don’t recall the last version behaving this way. Bear with me, I’m new to type design programs.

I do not have kerning classes assigned (nothing in the G: field).

Thanks again.

This is supposed to happen. All letters in the text are only instances of the same glyphs so all share the same spacing.

What you have to do is set the right spacing for all glyphs. Put it between to neutral letters (like a “H”). If you then experience some problems with a specific pair, use kerning to fix it. But in the case of the “MM” pair, I doubt that you need kerning for that. So always try to get the spacing right before you start kerning. And kerning is most likely only necessary between not regular shapes like “T” and “A”.

Georg Seifert

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Thank you for clarifying.
I must have thought I was adjusting kerning, but was adjusting bearing all along. Whoops.

Loving Glyphs so far though.