Bug: Mark does not show with anchor

I just tried adding a comma accent (anchor “_comma”) to ‘G’ (anchor “comma”), and the accent did not show up in the cloud view when I selected the anchor. Other marks showed up correctly, and multiple attempts and erasing, renaming, and replacing the anchors didn’t fix the problem. However, the composite glyph ‘Gcommaaccent’ shows up correctly, and it responds to changes made to the anchors on each of the component glyphs. Any ideas?

The anchors and accents need to be defined in the GlyphData.xml files.

“commaaccent” is not listed in the accent attribute for “G” in GlyphData.xml. Nor for “g”. A workaround is to create a GlyphData.xml file in the user copy:

~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Info/GlyphData.xml

with content like:

In that example, the expected anchor is “bottom” per the definition of “commaaccent” in GlyphData.xml. So, you may want to consider using “_bottom” and “bottom” anchors, instead. Otherwise, you’ll need to add “comma” to the accents attribute in “G” and “_comma” to the anchors attribute in “commaaccent”.

More info can be seen in the blog post:
Roll your own Glyph Data

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Ah, thank you. That looks like it will work just fine.

So is it a matter of Glyph Data that Anchors do not display corresponding components except those “rolled” in Glyph Data?

Yes. The anchors for the cloud are defined in the glyph data file and contain the most accents that are used with this glyphs. Some Vietnamese accents are missing as they would add to mich blur.

What glyph-accent combination do you miss?