Bug: Mouse selection and keyboard movements stop working

In 3105 and the previous version selecting paths with the mouse sometimes stops working. I click on the path and nothing happens. Also, when the mouse stops working I can still select handles, but the handles do not move when I use the arrows.

Is this something that happens only for a short time each time? So, when you click on a path and it does not get selected, does a subsequent click select the path or is the click-to-select functionality not available until minutes later or even a relaunch of Glyphs?

click to select stops working and I fix it by restarting Glyphs. I haven’t tried just waiting minutes—I need to get back to work!

Also, and this is weird—I saved a file I was working on when the handle movements stopped. I restarted Glyphs and the curve was distorted from me trying to get the handles to move. I think Glyphs kept functioning but wasn’t updating the screen.