Bug on opening the Edit View

Hi, I think I found a little bug when opening the Edit view in Glyphs. Here’s my report:

open glyphs
File > Open Recent > andyfont1.glyphs
the overview of letters shows. (Font view)
double click the lowercase o to open its Edit view.

it shows a blank edit view. (text tool is selected)
when I try to paste from illustrator it doesn’t work.
When I try to use the type tool to type a lowercase o, it doesn’t respond.
the app doesn’t crash.

my guess: the view somehow opens without the lowercase o, so there is no letter to select or paste into.
console only says:
05/03/13 10:48:11,035 Glyphs[15764]: objc[15764]: Class ARCLite is implemented in both /Applications/Glyphs.app/Contents/Frameworks/GlyphsKit.framework/Versions/A/GlyphsKit and /Applications/Glyphs.app/Contents/PlugIns/Transform.glyphsFilter/Contents/MacOS/Trans form. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

is it possible to post screenshots etc. in this forum?


What version do you have?

What happens if you select some glyphs in the font view and hit cmd+T?

I am working with the trial version of Version 1.3.17 (429)

After trying to edit the o I just opened some other Edit views and they worked fine, it was only this one Edit view that stayed unresponsive, I couldn’t type anymore etc…

I have meanwhile restarted Glyphs and I am sorry to say that I can’t reproduce the bug anymore :-s sorry!
I report back if I can consistently reproduce the bug.

This sometimes happens to me too. A workaround: Cmd-Opt-F and select a predefined sample string. Then the text tool works as expected again. You can use a service like drplr or cloudapp for that.

OK I found it!

What I forgot was that had I done a quick copy-past on auto pilot.
To reproduce the bug:

  • copy a set of paths in illustrator
  • open glyphs
  • double click the lower case o in the Font view to open the Edit view
  • make sure the text tool is selected
  • paste the paths that you copied in illustrator
    get an Edit view you can’t use anymore.

hope this helps

so my guess: check the pasteboard data if it is actually text when the text tool is selected? :slight_smile:

If the edit view is unresponsive it sometimes helps to just press the space key.

And I can’t reproduce you problem.

Do you mind if I keep using this thread to mention two other things?

  1. it would be great to have a continuous updating view when editing this value (character width?) http://d.pr/i/pDtn

  2. I think I also found a tiny rendering bug. My specific case with the open paths creates some rendering weirdness when “Show Preview Offset” is on.
    Like this for example: http://d.pr/i/XM8y

If this would update while typing, the edit view would jump around quite a bit. Do you try to do the spacing by editing the value directly? Have a look at the latest Blog post. There are much better ways to do that. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Hi Georg,

Yes, I was indeed editing the value directly (like in the screenshot I provided) You are right, the way described in the blog post is much better! I love all these little design details you included in the way Glyphs works, everything seems very well thought through.

I can sure send you the .glyphs file, where should I send it?

Send it to support at the domain of the website.