[Bug] OT code works only when pasted, not written

I was writing this code:
sub @nums n’ d’ period by nd;
When I got this error: “invalid token (text was “?”)” in Feature ordn in line: 6
Notice the commas for selected substitution. If I omit them, the code works. If I put them back, it doesn’t. This seemed weird to me because I knew for a fact that I got this feature working before. I checked my old files and sure enough the same code was there. I pasted it back to my main file and it worked! I then commented the line out and rewrote it myself only to get the error again.

The culprit is the system’s auto-substitution of the tick marks ' for curly quotes . This has been fixed in the recent betas. Which version of the app are you running?

For now, you can right-click inside the feature code, and deactivate Substitutions > Smart Quotes.