Bug report: Cutting text

I find that the Cut operation isn’t working right in text mode.

  1. Type a test string in Text mode, say “123456789”

  2. Select a small substring by putting the cursor between, say, the 2 & 3 and then shift clicking, say between the 4 & 5. “34” will be selected.

  3. Hit Cmd-X to cut the selected text.

Expected: “34” goes to the clipboard; all other text unchanged. In this example it should look like “1256789”

What happens: “34” goes to the clipboard, but the ensuing glyphs the same size of the selection are lost. In this example I get “12789”

By the way, is there a reason in text mode that you can’t shift-drag to select a portion of text in the familiar way?

I fixed it. Thanks for reporting.

I will look into the dragging.