Bug report: Deleting a master corrupts smart components in another master

Bug report: When I deleted a master, all smart components in another master became corrupt. When I looked around in layers inside the smart components of the corrupt master, it showed that all the smart component layers from the deleted master were added to the component of the same name of another master. It appears that the deletion routine deletes the main layer(s) of the deleted master, but does not delete the sublayers of smart components in the deleted master, and then adds them to the next master. When I deleted the vestigial layers, closed, and reopened the file, the smart component corruption seems to have gone away. Have I fixed the problem or will I encounter other problems? Is there anything I should do to make sure I don’t have a corrupt file?

That should have taken care of it. Can you make a test export?

I just tired this and could not reproduce the original problem with the remaining layers. If it still happens to you, could you send me the original .glyphs file?