Bug report: Undo not working on components

Hi Georg and Rainer,

Using Version 2.5.1 (1140) I have a hard time with undo. It just doesn’t work on automatic aligned components, from the keyboard shortcut as well as from the Edit menu. For instance: brevecomb_acutecomb, they are auto aligned. When I scale acute because it is too big in this case, I cannot undo it. Am I missing something.

I know about this. The alignment is disturbing the undo. I had a look at this right now and could catch some more cases to avoid this problem. Thanks for the reminder.

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Hello GeorgSeifert,
I’m using Glyphs Mini 2.0.1, and I have a quite similar issue, a lot of times when I’m trying to go back (CMD +Z) It doesn’t work and an error message is appearing : " there was a problem with undo, All undo for that glyph is removed but should start working again." Can you help me with this matter please. Thank you

Undo also doesn’t work often with corner components. For instance when decomposing the corner, undo is not possible.

Undo with corners works for me. Can you send me a screencast that shows how you doing this?

I sent it via email.

Fixed with last update.