Bug reports & feature request

Bug report

  1. Vertical metrics behaviour is really weird in vertical mode. Could you make it stable?
  2. When you cycle through sample texts directly from menu, the line break is not processed but appears as \n.
  3. When in background, the info box is often unresponsive when you select nodes and segments.
  4. When you copy & paste glyphs between different MM fonts, some retain all masters but others don’t. What’s happening?

Glyph name & order update request

  1. The “equalsinferior” (u+208C) should be “equalinferior”
  2. The whiteleftTriangle and whiterightTriangle appear too far apart. I think the glyph order needs to be fixed.

Feature request:

  1. Font note. So far the place where you can write note or comment seem to be in the features tab or within each glyph. I thought it might be better to have a place where you can write whatever, and is instantly accessible. How about adding note UI as a new window or under the palette?
  2. Make kerning panel float, like the palette (I don’t want to click to activate it every time).
  3. Compatibility of bracketed masters. Fixing compatibility of alternate design is an annoying process, since it always refers to the original master and is shown in red. I’d appreciate it if the app could show separate compatibility view for bracketed layers.
  4. Smarter contextual paste. Sometimes I want to copy a glyph from the glyph view but paste the outline in edit view. It was possible in FLS, and shouldn’t be a bad idea in Glyphs too. Just paste what was copied in the then-active layer of the glyph. Maybe too complicated?
  5. iOS Previewer with multiple lines. This app is really handy and I love it, but single line seems to be a waste of space.
  6. iOS Previewer with better zooming behaviour. It’s way too fast now.

Bug report in Mekkablue’s script:
Center Glyphs doesn’t work, whereas that by Georg does (yes, I’m just being too picky).

Fixed it. Thx for reporting.

You’re welcome.


I previously reported but haven’t heard of update:

  1. Cannot edit outline when feature-enabled ligature (or perhaps any alternates) is in the line before. The selection goes far off to the left.
  2. When italic angle and small cap height are both set, the bounding box doesn’t match.
  3. Single-single kerning exception from group-group pair seems impossible or very unstable.

Bug report on RMX tools (I hope Tim is seeing this)

  1. After running Scaler to create alternates, the right sidebearing of the original glyph gets messed up, usually with large additional values. The glyph and bounding box still look the same, but it will cause problem later. At the moment, it is advisable to make a duplicate file, run Scaler on that file, and bring the generated glyphs to the original file. Alternatively, the sidebearing gets fixed after moving the outline manually; select all glyphs you’ve run Scaler on, and run Transform filter twice (shift by whatever unit, and shift back).
  2. After running Scaler and re-run it, it doesn’t accept any value. You have to re-run the application.

Also the “Show angled” plugin picks too many irrelevant nodes when italic angle is set.

Irrelevant nodes: not sure what you mean, can you send a screenshot?

I think I do not need to. It basically takes the italic angle into account, and marks near-italic-angle nodes, when it should only mark near vertical nodes (and near horizontal of course). It’s supposed to highlight faulty extreme nodes, right?

I’m adding the request;
if there’s any chance please let us move to personaly wanted position this gray info box. Jumping on the bottom of the screen is realy annoying.

And it disappears when I hit V for select tool. I want that fixed too.

I did not build in any algorithm that takes the italic angle into account. It just marks every handle where xDiff * yDiff is not 0.0.

There are some interesting glitches though when the grid step is not 1, and I haven’t been able to fix those yet.

I am working on a Kink Finder plugin for MM fonts.

For me, it only does that when the Select Tool is already active.
Yup, that seems to be the case. I haven't noticed.

And sorry about the angled handle. I didn’t think it was showing all angled handles.

Fixed. Fixed. Fixed. I had a look at the triangle group and tweaked the names a bit. How should they be sorted. By color (black, white) or by direction (all left, down..)?
I have no opinion on that, but black followed by white makes sense to me. As long as the same group get together, it doesn't seriously matter. Notice in the image below that whiteleftTriangle and blackleftTriangle are on the far left of the group. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12398274/Symbols.png

The order of arrows don’t make much sense either. The same order (e.g. up, down, left, right) should be applied to all groups. I don’t know how you changed the glyph names, but perhaps something like whiteTriangleLeft works better in alphabetical sense?

Addition to Feature request 4, the smarter contextual paste: my colleague is asking for image paste in the same way (copy in edit view, paste in glyph view), since he wants to put the same image into multiple glyphs more efficiently.

There's a script for that: https://github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/blob/master/Images/Add%20Same%20Image%20t o%20Selected%20Glyphs.py :-)
Thanks, though I think this is an temporary solution.


  1. The same metric key sometimes gives different sidebearings in non-master layers (crucial for me).
  2. Switching back from other app by command+tab puts non-active window in the front.
  3. You can’t cancel layer renaming. While entering layer name in the Palette and you press escape to cancel it, the Palette closes and whatever there was in the field is confirmed. I think it should simply cancel the name entry and escape from the field.
  4. Adding nodes on the outline sometimes gets messed up.
Meaning it should be built into the app rather than just a script? I tend to disagree because I assume that putting the exact same background image into many glyphs is a rare exception. Can you share with us what you are trying to achieve with this?

It’s actually not me who is doing this, but my colleague. I can understand his point, as tearing the scanned image apart into each glyph is more time consuming.

And About the additional bug on metric keys in extra layers not applying the same amount, it’s actually a confusion caused by the 4 master setting. When there is two Light [24] Light [24] and metrics keys set up, the app doesn’t know which Light it should refer to, and takes the wrong one.

It’s also troublesome when you have alternate design layers with the same name such as the above example, which won’t work sometimes. Glyphs doesn’t officially support 4 masters setup but it does work fine, apart from the Layer name confusion. I’m not necessarily asking for 4-master support per se, but rather a removal of this problem.

[edit: Metric key failure is observed in non-confusing alternate layers too]

Hmm, have you tried this: If you have separated scans named a.png, b.png, c.png, d.png etc., and add them all at once via Layers > Add Image, Glyphs will put them in the right slots based on their names. And in Preview.app, all you have to do is move the selection, press Cmd-C, Cmd-N, Cmd-W, and enter the name. Works great for my students who scan their handwriting and make it into a font.