bug:Select the save as

When you open a font file with G3, you will get a notification that the file is locked. Select OK to enter normally. Select the save as button on the left and you will get stuck. The colored windmill will become a perpetual motion engine. Last Time I thought it was because the font file was too big, but now I find it isn’t. Today is a very small document, as well. It could be a bug. After clicking OK, enter, and then save as a project file.

Can you post a screenshot of the Preferences > User Settings?


I would strongly advise to disable the last option. It is much saver. And will avoid the problem you are having. You loose the ability to browse previous versions but that doesn’t work very well for font-documents anyway.

I’ll have a look if I can improve the saving when the checkbox is set.

After the change, there is no locked prompt.