Bug? Slightly annoying behavior

Hi Georg,

First of all, great piece of software! One behavior I keep having trouble with, is this:

  1. I adjust a kerning pair
  2. I use the right arrow key to go through the rest of the letters
  3. When I get to the last letter by repeatedly pressing the right arrow key, instead of stopping, it puts my cursor into the font size box, so when I try to go back to the left to previous letters, I am stuck in the font size box and have to remember to click out of it to get back to my other letters.

I don’t think the font size box is something that one would need such direct access to - maybe make it only accessible by clicking in the area in the bottom right?

If I don’t adjust any kerning pairs and move through the letters using the right arrow key, it works as expected (cursor stops at last letter)

Thanks again, and let me know if this is some mistake I’m making!


What do you mean with font size box?

So you have typed some letter in the edit view, have the text tool selected and move the cursor through the typed text? I can’t reproduce any problems?

Can you maybe make a screen recording of the behavior?

I think I know what he means. Sometimes, the edit mode is stuck, and hitting T doesn’t get you back into typing mode. I think it happens more often if you have only one glyph in your edit string. But, alas, I cannot reproduce it.

Quickest workaround: just close the tab and reopen it.

OK, not sure what I did, but somehow it fixed itself after a month of the same behavior. I’ll let you know if it crops up again. Thanks!

@mekkablue - Thanks, but that’s not exactly my problem. Basically, how you’re normally able to use the arrow keys while in the text tool to scroll through the letters, but it stops you at the end of last letter. That’s the correct behavior. In my problem, it would allow you to press the right arrow an additional time, and it would highlight the font size box in the lower right corner of the window, but it wasn’t always noticeable, so you’d try to type more or go back to the other letters, and the cursor would be gone. It took me a few times to figure out that the cursor was getting stuck in the font size box. as I said, it’s not happening anymore (no updates since or anything, so not sure what happened).