[bug] transform - scale gives odd numbers

I must me doing something very dumb:

50% of 400 is not 267:

beta and stable (1300)

This has been discussed before. The scale icons are misleading. The one on the right is the Scale button, the one on the left the Reverse Scale button.

If you want to scale to half the height, you would leave the horizontal scale at 100%, put the vertical scale at 50%, and press the Scale button (the one on the right).

It has been on the list already, but I’ll bump the priority of the internal bug report.

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cool cool cool cool

btw, pressing the one on the right,
a 400x400 square was transformed to 801x799:

unsure how to reproduce.

Sounds like a rounding error. If you want to scale to a certain height, why not simply enter the intended height in the grey info box?

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