[bug?] TT hints ignored when glyph uses corner components

Hi, I am having problems hinting a font with serifs using corner components. It seems like as soon as the glyph uses corner components, any hints in the glyph outline itself are ignored. I have been able to hint most of the characters simply by adding align hints to the corner components themselves (causing them to snap to the zones), but I am stuck when hinting the lowercase /v, as I need to anchor the bottom of the outline to the baseline and this hint is ignored.

I have looked in the documentation and tutorials and there is no mention of any special type of procedure for TT hinting when using corner components.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour of Glyphs? Is the only solution to decompose? Or is there a better way to achieve the desired result without decomposing?

Also, FYI, decomposing the corner components and placing hints at exactly the same positions does not yield exactly the same result as hinting the corner components. Why is this?

Can you post a screenshot of the glyph in hinting view?

Do the _corner glyphs have hints?

Is this what you are looking for? Yes, the corner components have align hints, just like the bottom of the /v. By the way, even if the hints are removed from the components, the align hint on the baseline still does not work; the mere presence of corner components seems to make Glyphs ignore all hints in the main outline of the glyph.

I have had hinted outlines with corner components before. I wonder whether the corner components have been transformed in a way that invalidates the hints in them.

Do you see differences…

  • in the various rendering intents?
  • with different instances?
  • when more hints are in place? (E.g. align hints at the top)

It seems like having corner components in the glyph invalidates the hints in the outline. The hints in the components themselves are effective.

I have taken another look at the /v alongside the /m (whose serif components, which have hints, snap to the baseline whereas the v goes below). This problem remains:

  • when changing from DirectWrite to ClearType to greyscale
  • when choosing the bold master (the light master result is still displayed as the rendering preview)
  • when adding or removing more hints to the outline, such as align hints at the top - it seems like all hints in the outline are completely ignored as soon as corner components are present.

Is this not a known/reported bug? Shall I send you the file?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Sure, just sent it you by email.

Hi @GeorgSeifert, is there any news on this issue? Did you get my file OK?

Hi @GeorgSeifert, is there any further news on this issue? Have you had a chance to look into it? Thanks

Hi @GeorgSeifert, I have revisited this project and tried exporting using the latest cutting-edge version of Glyphs 3 (3078). This bug is still present in Glyphs 3 as well as Glyphs 2. Is there a fix in the pipeline?
Thanks, Tamir

Can you send me the file?

Sure, I’ve just sent it to you.

Thanks for the file. I found the problem. You can circumvent it by adding a “Get Hints From Master” in the font settings and select the Regular master.