Bug: weird text added to formulas in sidebearing value

I keep seeing these equals signs and quotation marks appearing in sidebearing settings where I had input formulas.
screenshot of Glyphs error
Anyone else seeing this?
Sometimes I’ll also see numeric values turn into something like “Pà÷ (4)”

There was a bug in the saving code. This should be fixed in the latest beta.

This is still an issue in the version I am running (1.3.24 (506)) is that that latest beta that it should be fixed in, or is there a release coming?

Perhaps it kept the mess-ups from the previous version. Can you fix one or two manually, save and reopen, and see if the bug reappears?

I properly fixed it not. I’m just preparing a new beta…

Thanks Georg.

I’ll wait until the new beta before reporting any more issues.

Just uploaded the new beta.