Bug when removing PS autohint from one character

In a font I am working on I went through characters one by one, used autohint, then cleaned up the sometimes wonky results.

When I get to this particular ‘m’, right-click autohint, and then remove the below highlighted hint Glyphs crashes (becomes unresponsive indefinitely).

File with nothing but the ‘m’.

Edit: I’ve encountered two more characters where this happens reliably, so this is quite annoying (not knowing if deleting a hint will crash the app).

I’ve currently only worked on this one font’s hints, but this seems to happen constantly; I got about 10 more glyphs where this can be reproduced and sends the app into unresponsive mode forever.

If anybody else has this issue, this is how you can delete the hints from the Glyph via the macro panel without crashing the app:

for layer in Glyphs.font.selectedLayers:
	layer.hints = []

So after looking more at the cases where this happens this seems to be happening for glpyhs where the auto-hint’ed hints are not properly attached to nodes. I suppose since I have a comic stlye font where the provided default stems often fail this happens more than usual.

When I run the right-click autohint in a glyph, then select all, and arrow up, arrow down to just move everything just once, then those glyphs where the hints don’t stay “linked” to the paths will cause trouble when selecting and deleting that auto-generated hint.

It is fixed. I’ll update soon.

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Cool, I was beginning to think my file is hexed :wink:

Once again superb how fast you react to feedback!