Bug when removing zones from TTFZones

If I delete a zone from the TTFZones parameter, all Align instructions will be assigned to the next zone. I usually leave the Align instructions in auto, but I sometimes I manually assign them to specific alignment zones.

For example, let’s say I have manually added TrueType instructions to the .glyphs file and decided to remove the figures zone from the TTFZones parameter. After deleting it, all figures alignments will be turned into xHeight, all xHeight will turn into baseline, and so on. Zones above the deleted one are not affected (capHeight remains capHeight).

TTFZones before TTFZones after
ascender ascender
capHeight capHeight
figures xHeight
xHeight baseline
baseline descender
descender (no Zone)

Build 1172.

This is a known issue and no known workaround yet.

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