Bug with undo command

Bug with undo command, when executed the second time the node jumps down in the lower left corner. This action is not undoable. It happens when using cmd+z and from menu command.

This is a known issue and solved in the current beta release.

any updates on that? it’s doing it everytime, and i don’t know how »secure« it is to work with the cutting edge version of glyphs. (since it is not really recommended by you, guys)

I will issue an update soon. It is in final stage of testing.

really looking forward. sorry for sounding impatient :slight_smile:

You can try it yourself by checking Preferences > Updates > Show cutting edge versions.

yes, but you recommend to work on copies of the files then (which might be a good idea then). anyway this is unfortunately not too helpful in a serious workflow.

It just means that you should be more carful with backups.