Bug: Zoom in sometimes gets stuck



Sometimes zooming in (keyboard shortcut + UI button) doesn’t work and I have to zoom out and then zoom in.

I know this bug was originally mentioned here.

It only seems to be happening when I zoom to the “Active Layer” (CMD+zero) and then try zooming in.

So usually it happens for me after the pt is around 950–1000 and then the pt size gets stuck at 1000.


I found one thing that always caused the zoom or hand tool to get stuck:
The script by @mekkablue delete all non master layers

Cannot check it right now, and was too busy to search for the old thread, so I just add it here :slight_smile:

Switching to the Font View and back to the tab is a workaround fix.


I’ve experienced the same case, zoom-in/out stuck and only Command Zero takes me out of it.


What does the zoom size (the number in the lower right) is set to when that happens?


Always 1000pt for me.


It is almost always 500 pt for me. I should perhaps add that I usually work with a 2000 UPM which may be relevant to the other reports of 1000 pt.


1000pt here, as well.