Bug: Zoom in sometimes gets stuck



also getting this on a regular basis, also with the cutting edge version…

When the zoom level doesn’t react to the magnifying tool nor by pressing cmd + minus, it can be reset by pressing cmd + 0 (zoom to active layer), for me.

would be nice to get this fixed though…


I have also run into this again recently while running cutting edge version.


What we need in order to fix it is a reliable method of reproducing it, i.e., if you can describe steps to reliably trigger a bug, we can fix it.


Not been able to reproduce so far. All I know is, that it happens when being zoomed in very close and then the pt indicator at the bottom right shows an odd value, mostly 3001 pt


When it gets stuck again, can you put the following in the macro window, run it and send me the result?

print Font.currentTab.scale


will do :+1:




stuck again…

output: 4.00061283898


Currently experiencing this issue again on 2.5.2 (1176), here’s the result of the requested Macro snippet: 10.0079624031