Buggy smart components when adding second axis (?)

Hello, I just added an Italic axis to my project, and when I re-smart my components, somehow this happens:

As you can see, weight is set to 170, but some in-between value is used. What’s going on?

Please send me the file.

Sent. Our email exchange is becoming somewhat of a git history for this exact file :wink:

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I “resolved” the issue by setting wrong axis locations in my smart component:

Previously, I had nothing set on the weight property for the Medium layer, as it was in between the two.

Any luck with this? I haven’t been able to figure out a good fix.

That Weight checkbox solved it for me. Isn’t it working for you?

Not in the italics. Try the same “fix” in, for example, zero.circled in the Black Italic master.