Bugs and Features #2



  • Component glyphs’ sidebearings in autosaved files are shifted 100% to one side.
  • “Hadesender” and “Shhadesender” glyphs are missing /c in their titles (desCender).
  • Placeholder font doesn’t have “Shadescender” glyphs.
  • Automatic ligatures doesn’t work for Cyrillic, for example “yi-cy_yi-cy”, which looks the same as idieresis_idieresis. You have to do it manually, thus disabling automatic generation for the sake of few ligatures.
  • (misc) Removing many glyphs at once is buggy sometimes.
  • (old) Unresizeable info window and broken commenting in OT code.


  • Drag unselect.
  • Lowercase class could be generated automatically the same way as uppercase is done.
  • Filters should be right-clickable. Much faster and intuitive than pressing a little gear icon that’s placed by glyph info.
  • Filters could be rearrangeable.
  • Manual lists could be updated be dragging glyphs into them.
  • Upside-down/mirror in preview.
  • (old) Tab rearranging.
  • (long-term) “Randomize” filter.
  1. can you give me an example?
  2. fixed that.
  3. I use the system font for drawing the placeholder glyphs. And it works for me.
  4. ligatures are build a little different for glyphs with script suffix. the suffix will be added to the hole ligature: yi_yi-cy and add a .liga to add it to the liga feature (otherwise it will end up in the dlig feature).
  5. improved that quite a bit for the next update.
  6. the font info window is already. What do you mean with commenting in OT code?


  1. Where do you like to do that. In the font view or the edit view?
  2. you can write a small script for that.
  3. just double click the filter.
  4. this is a good idea
  5. if you select a list to edit it, you do only see glyphs that are in the list already. And if you make a new list filer, just select some glyphs before you create the filter.
  6. this is already on my list.
  7. noted. I tried this but there where some problems, I do not remember it any more…
  8. There is script from mekkablue that does randomization. Beowulferize.py
  1. http://cl.ly/M8wG

  2. Me too, it’s Lucida Grande. Although I spelled it wrong (it’s “shhadescender” / uni0527), it doesn’t have it.

  3. http://cl.ly/M94S

  4. Font view.

  5. But isn’t it better to put a script in the app once so that everyone has it? Plus, there wouldn’t be any other people asking for it in the future.

Oh, and P.S:
Ability to have AND/OR rules in automated filters.

  1. strange. It works for me. Can You send one of the files?

  2. fixed that already.

  3. How would that work?

  4. I could put the script in github. The advantage of a script is that, if you know a tiny bit of python, you can change the script quite easily and maybe make a small caps class or a figure class.

p.s. this is on my list.

About the randomizer:

I don’t think this can satisfyingly be built into the standard feature set of Glyphs because there are two many ways of doing that. You can alternate glyph shapes on the go in several ways. Or you can pseudo-randomize x number of glyphs in a backtrack sequence. The Beowulferize script makes use of the latter, but if you already have your own ssXX glyphs, I’d recommend the Create pseudorandom calt feature script.

Lucida has no shhadesender-cy. The system (and Glyphs) will default to the next available font installed in the system that has it. In my case, it’s Gentium.

I should specify that metrics bug happens only after app crashes. When it auto-relaunches from autosave. “Normal” autosaves are fine.

Right now you can hold Cmd and drag for addition. So if after selecting you hold Cmd and drag over already selected items, they deselect (as in Fontlab). Or, if this creates complications with what to activate, then deselect would work with Cmd + Alt/Shift.

And by “randomizer” I’ve meant not contextual alternates, but node-repositioning filter (effect), like one in FontLab. Which helps to create press or grunge effects.

This “crashing autosave” is really strange because it is exactly the same thing as “normal autosave”.

I will look into the selection thing.

The scripts does both. The path destruction and the feature code. If this is done as a script, it is much easier to tweak for the desired effect.

What about this then: http://glyphsapp.com/blog/scripting-glyphs-part-2/

One thing that’s happening to me is everytime I use the Center Glyph script, the preview panel stops working and also I can’t reach any other tab. It only starts working again when I restart Glyphs.


I’m on mac store Glyphs (unfortunately). By the way, is there a set date for the next mac app update?

I just published a new beta with a lot changes. If there are no issues found in the next few days, I will submit a new version to Apple.

There’s problems with the new (1.3.18) version:

  • When Select Sample Text is opened, it’s not the topmost window, so:

  • You can’t select words with arrows, but also:

  • You can open an infinity of these windows.

  • Text view tabs are now limited to 8? EDIT: Actually, it’s empty tabs that are limited to 2.

You are right. Will check that.

There is no limit on the number of tabs. But if you add a new tab and there is a tab with the same text, it will activate that instead. To prevent too many tabs with the same content.

Two things that attracted my attention:

  1. The background layer of every glyph is visible all the time, not only the one that is currently worked on.

  2. You can no longer select glyphs in the “schrift” panel and then double click on them so that they open.

  1. The background layer is drawn to help position anchors. I will change it that it only shows the background if a anchor is selected.

  2. This should work. What version of MacOS do you have?

Workaround for now: hit the Tab key.
Version 10.8.2 Sorry, it does actually work when pushing shift whilst clicking

It was indeed broken. I tried to fix something else. Will restore the old behavior and try to find a proper fix.

Kerning exception can be made by clicking an anchor next to a group.

But if there is no kerning this anchor is invisible. To kern Tî I have to:

  1. set a value to make an anchor visible (icircumflex belongs to “i” group so a value is set for all "i"s)
  2. click an anchor to enable exceptions
  3. remove kerning I’ve already made for all "i"s
  4. set an exception for T-icircumflex.

Quite few steps. Could an anchor be visible all the time or when a group is set? It would solve this problem.