Bugs and Required features

Hi George (or whoever manages @glyphsapp), this is @EPaskonis from twitter. Sorry for bothering you there. It’s just twitter was more convenient for me (but not for you).
I’m using 10.6.8


  • App still crashes occasionaly when undoing something.
  • If some glyphs have “export” disabled, app fails to produce .otf altogether.
  • Measuring tool’s results interfere with paths in the background and vice versa.
  • Font Info/Features window is not resizeable.
  • Commenting a line in OT window slants everything below it.
  • Export destination window is blank unless one of the Finder’s View buttons (list, collumn, icon) is pressed.
  • Kerning won’t show up in some apps unless Capital Spacing feature was added upon export.
  • Right-to-left messes up if there was a line break.
  • Sensitivity of Preview’s blur slider should be reduced by lowering maximum blur.
  • After some uptime, app crashes Expose every time its features are activated via hot corners or buttons. Restarting Glyphs fixes it temporarily.


  • Resizeable Layers tab in the Palette.
  • Simple object-transform box to facilitate freehand resizing.
  • Ability to reorder tabs.
  • Pop-up window or panel with checkmarks for OT features. So that it’s easier to enable/disable and preview several features faster.
  • Ability to enter custom text in Instances’ preview panel. Instead of current “Aang123”. Or just add /H, /E, /O and /o letters to the line to see if there’s a “fence effect” in dark weights.

P.S. The text in this site’s nav bar should be higher :slight_smile:

Right. Was about to report these in the bugtracker myself. Cannot reproduce these three in 1.3.17/10.8.2. It is more complicated than that. We had a thread in the forum about this recently. In any event, this is not a Glyphs bug, but Apple's faulty implementation of positioning features. You may need more blur if you drag the preview to a large size.