Bugs in Version 1197

Hello! I found a few things I’m not sure about in the new versions:

  • Double clicking a component inside a glyph now replaces the currently edited with the component, rather than appending it adjacently. I like to see what effect changing the component has on the glyphs it’s used in so keeping both would be preferable.
  • Activating SpeedPunk now hides all nodes and handles.
  • When editing a glyph, when I want to rename it, typing triggers an auto popup with a list of possible glyph names starting with the same letters. Unfortunately the first name in this list auto-populates the actual glyph name and any further keystrokes are just added to the end of whatever name Glyphs has found there.

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Thanks for reporting, we are looking into it.

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  • The double clicking of components works for me.
  • The latest version of Speedpunk works fine. Do you have any error messages in the macro window?
  • I have a look at the auto completion

Hm I’ll send the Glyphs file with the components that don’t click properly.

No error messages in the macro window and I’ve clicked ‘check for updates’ on Speedpunk in the preferences>addons window. It doesn’t tell me which version is installed there, how can I know if it’s really the current one?

Could it be that Reinterpolate Metrics does also reinterpolate the layer? It least it happens here. It’s a nice feature, when it works :slight_smile:

There was a bug with Re-Interpolate Metrics but that was fixed in the latest Cutting edge version.

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