Bugs with features and placeholders

Setting the smcp feature in the lower left menu seems to make the text string with a placeholder erratic and nonfunctional.
If I type hhhhhha with no features selected, everything works fine: I can arrow in front of the a and see the placeholder become an a. (The “lag” problem with changing masters or glyphs is still present, but I know you’re aware of that issue.)
But if I select small caps from the feature menu, arrowing through the text has unpredictable results (e.g. the Fn-arrow now steps through the letter left of the cursor rather than right), and the placeholder doesn’t change.

fixed it. Thanks.
It still has the lag problem…

here is another one concerning the placeholder:

if you got a string of letters using the Placeholder and switch between the masters, the Placeholder behave the opposite way

first switch to 2nd master: they stay
second switch back to 1st master: now the switch to 2nd

and then the will always show the wrong master.

older & newer mac os, newest beta (but also in previous versions)

This is a known issue that I wasn’t able to fix jet. After switching the masters, the placeholder will only be wrong until the next redraw. So clicking somewhere will update it correctly. I will try to fix that eventually.

right, and just moving the cursor works so far as well. thanks for your effort!