Features Bug (latest cutting edge version)
When coding features and making manual adjustments to the code it becomes extremely slow/laggy. Because of this I wrote all of my dligs (about 2,100 glyph substitutions) in a dedicated text editor and copied and pasted it in. Everything transferred and the exported font worked perfectly. Saving, quitting, and reopening however, and 80% of the code is deleted and some is garbled. I repeated the process and the problem was a duplicate. So perhaps Glyphs cannot handle that much code? Or it didn’t like the tab spaces I used?

Suggested improvement: being able to Undo/Redo edits made to text in the Features panel. Hitting CMD+Z while editing the Features apparently deleted some letters I had just added and designed (though I haven’t been able to duplicate this “issue”). So perhaps just adding Edit:Undo/Redo capability to the text editing would help prevent similar mistakes.

Not that this fixes the bugs, but try keeping your code in an external file feature file with
include (/path_to_file/file.fea);

Can you send me the feature code and the .glyphs file?

And the undo should work just fine as long as the cursor is in the text view.

DTF, Thanks I’ll look into that. Seems a bit above my current skill set but we gotta learn somehow!

Thanks Georg, I emailed the file to info @ glyphsapp

There really was an issue with long feature code. I fixed it. Thanks for the files.

Thank you! Glad I could help in a small way.