Build 1184 noticeably slower

macOS Sierra, G2.5.2 [1184]. Since updating from build 1181 performance is noticeably slower. No other changes except for the update.

Reverting to 1181 for the time being.

I was using it today without any trouble. Mac OS 10.13.6.

I noticed this too, also on 10.13.6 (17G65)

“Performance is noticeably slower”

Same, here.

Well, this is odd. Today I tried 1184 again and everything seems to have returned to normal.

What I had noticed as being extremely slow yesterday was when I had Show Coordinates of Selected Nodes enabled, G2 was very slow when moving a node or handle. Today that is not the case, with the same plugins enabled.

So I will stay with 1184 again.

::edited:: to show correct plugin name.

I’m working on that. Some plugins are slowing things down a bit but I think I have solved that.

With the Frames Per Second plugin active (and no other plugin) I noticed something:

When you just scroll the canvas around (like trackpad 2-finger-rolling), it seems that the FPS get significantly lower, the more layers the active glyph has.

In a glyph with one path, 3 masters and about 14 backup layers per master, the FPS shows something between 20 and 40 (it’s hard to see, since the numbers change so quickly).

If I duplicate the same glyph and remove all non-master layers, the FPS is immediately up to around 80 to 120.

The amount of layers should definitely not have any effect on the GlyphsApp performance here, they are not shown, so they don’t need to be considered in every little redraw. Or am I wrong?

Maaaaayyybe this is the reason, why many users report lagging performance. And maybe also why you couldn’t reproduce reliably. I still see it myself with some plugins and couldn’t find a cause until now. The interpolatedFontProxy gave me headaches, I thought there’s something wrong in my code.

I’ve just stumbled upon this by accident while trying to improve performance of some plugins which are way too slow for my taste.

Adding 15 extra layers doesn’t change a thing for me.

I sent you a file :slight_smile:

macOS Sierra G2.5.2 [1184] – I just discovered which plugin I use constantly is causing my slowdown problem: Show Angled Handles. Disable it and G2 speeds up remarkably.

I think there was an update to that plugin within the past day or so, but it is my culprit.

After discovering the problem I tried de-installing it, then reinstalling it. No difference.

in 1199 I still see it happen, that a glyph with lots and lots of backup layers slows down Glyphs a lot. No plugins active. 4 Masters and each one has about 20 Layers. Just want to let you know.

Can you send me the file and a profile?

Yes. What profile do you mean, though?

A time profile from Instruments.

Thanks for the file. Its twice as fast for me, now.

Ah, I see. Tomorrow :slight_smile:

What is twice as fast for you? My file?

The “slow” glyph renders twice as fast after my fix.

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