[Build 1209] Khmer second level mark attachments are broken


Hello. The second below and top Khmer marks don’t attach the first level mark. This problem occurred before and got fixed.

Sample text: ក្កុ ក្ងុ អ៊ំ ណ្ងុ



Let me know if the source file is needed.


What anchors do you have on the coengs and below vowels? They should have _bottom and bottom. If that’s fine, check the glyph properties, the marks should all be Khmer - nonspacing - marks. If that’s fine too, check your languagesystems include Khmer :slight_smile:


Here are the screenshots. Everything was fine in the build 1206 or lower than this. I used the same OT feature file I’ve been using which consists of languagesystems and features for Khmer. And all those coeng and below-base mark glyphs already have the script property set to khmer.

Anyway, Show Mark Preview plugin shows things correctly in the editor.


I refactored the Mark Code quite a bit. Can you send me the .glyphs file for testing?


I’ll send you once I get back home.


Thanks for the file. I fixed it.

The update is up.