Building a stackable typeface


I am a glyphs beginner. I have read the articles on RYO ( and diacrtitics ( but was wondering if there was a more succinct guide to building a stackable typeface? I need every character to be able to be stacked on top of eachother. The purpose of the typeface is to be able to build shapes with smaller units. Thank you.

Can you post a mockup, so we can see what exactly you are trying to do?

And also how you intend to type it? And in which app you want to use it?

Hi mekkablue, thanks for replying.

I unfortunately can’t share an image as it is confidential, but imagine just building a complex shape with smaller components.

Optimizations in the way to type arent necessarily a priority yet as I want to get the mechanic working first. The typeface will be primarily used in powerpoint and office software

Forget PowerPoint. It is not compatible with modern font technologies. Much less stacking of glyphs. Which other office software were you talking about? Make sure it supports OpenType and is GPOS compatible.

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Microsoft Word, most likely. So glyph stacking comes with compatibility issues then?

What environment would work best?

Word works if the user knows how to activate kerning and other OT features.

World Ready Composer in InDesign.

Stacking of marks is explained fully in the mark tutorial. Is there anything else you want to do?

I am not sure I fully understand what you mean by ‘stackable typeface’, and you refuse to show me what you are trying to achieve. Please understand this makes it hard to help you then, much less write a guide for you.