Business at crashes my whole glyphs

hello there, i am new here. i made my first font today in 30 years working with the mac. it is a very simple geometric font with only capitals, numbers a euro sign and a business at. i imported the business at from another font, because i don’t know the name and the unicode. after exporting and using the font in adobe apps, every time when i use the business at, all glyphs of the line get together in the width of one. has anyone an idea?

i forgot: i am using glyphs mini 2.01 as atrial version.

‘Business at’, you mean the at sign: @?

This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please:

Yes, i am meaning the @.
Thank you i will read the article and follow the instructions.
The next problem is, that i can’t see my font in the font menu of applications, which are not from adobe, for example text edit and pages although i used installing the font with the font book of apple (Schriftsammlung) an i gave every export a new name. could this depending on the language of the font? in the font book there are many languages listed of my new font, but not german. i am using a german Mac OS 10.11.4

Please read the tutorial. (Re)installing the font in the system is exactly the problem.

now i cleaned my font cache with the terminal, deleting the font before. i took the app text preview, but the @ crashes the whole line, which is written. my font has only capital glyphs, so i tried to put my designed @ to the a, everything works okay. the @ has the unicode 0040 and is called at.

Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

thank you for your help. i added now all necessary glyphs for western latin and like a wonder, the @ works fine.