Buttons not working in Glyphs 3 project

3.0.3 (3066)

So I have different instances set up in the exports tab. I charge the font in the glyph project, and the add/delete/update buttons don’t work.

I need a bit more details what you did. Can you do a small screencast?

  • file > new project
  • choose button to import source file
  • Instances which are already set up in the source appear
  • try to remove or add instance with the +/- button > instance is still there but Icon has changed to default

Capture d’écran 2021-03-02 à 11.55.51

  • when press the export button, little wheel never stop turning and the instance I tried to remove is not exported >>>>> EDIT: glyphproject only export selected instances…

Same behaviour if file if save as version 2 or 3