Buying a Glyphs 3 license

I tried to buy a license for Glyphs 3, but it wouldn’t let me with my credit and debit card. What should I do about this?

Can you write an email to office at this domain?

What is the email for the office?

office @ thisdoman (subsitute thisdomain with

I just wrote an email to the office.

Do you know the reason why I can’t get the license for Glyphs 3?

My college Tim (office) knows those things.

So what should I do now?

So how can I contact Tim to help me with my problem?

Write an email to office@ this domain (glyphsapp com).

I already wrote an email to office@⸻, but they haven’t responded to me yet.

Do you know when they would respond back to me?

Do you know how long it would take for the office@⸻ to respond back to me about my problem?

Normally we respond in a day. Maybe your email was coughs in spam. I alerted him about this thread. He should answer in the morning (Europe time zone)