Bytes of every single glyph


Is there a way (a plugin a site or a software) to view the size, in bytes, of every single glyph?


  1. What do you need it for?
  2. The size of what exactly? The data as stored in the .glyphs file?
  3. Or an approximate prediction for the size inside the CFF table in the compiled OpenType font? That is difficult because it depends on the result of other compilation processes such as subroutinization. Can be a guess at best. Better to analyze the actual compiled file with OTMaster or ttx/FontTools.
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For CFF based fonts there is no real way to determine the size of the glyph in the .otf. OTMaster and ttx show the unpacked data, not the byte structure.

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I need to reduce the size of my .otf file and want to understand if there is a way to know which glyphs are heavier.

Thanks a lot!

Take a look at the webfonts tutorial:
It contains a few ideas on how to reduce filesize.

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Thanks, I’ll try with Fonttools


OTMaster has the Table Dictionary:

It tells you the size of each table. But from there is only try and error.