Call feature doesn’t work

Hello! I’ve been trying to use calt feature as exposed bellow (I followed the tutorial found on the glyphs site). However, when compiling this code, when t is preceded by d, f, i or l it doesn’t substitute to t.alt
What I mean to say is, when dt, ft, it and lt happen, the glyph should be t.alt and not t (hope it makes sense)

sub [d f i l] t' by t.alt;

Why doesn’t it work?

The code looks good.
How do you test this? Are you sure you look at the most recent font? A quick test is to distort one of the glyphs (move one node by 100 units) and export again.

I was testing inside the glyphs app, it seems as I can only test the feature by exporting the font and trying on an app :thinking:

What version of Glyphs do you have?
It should work in Glyphs.