Calling kerning groups into kern OT feature?

Is there any way to call directly any kerning group when writing the kern OT feature ?

Something like @T to avoid writing [T Tbar Tcaron Tcedilla Tcommaaccent]

Yes, but the groups are called differently:

pos @MMK_L_A’ 300 @MMK_R_T;

That’s @A on the left side (note the L) with @T on the right side (note the R).

Please note that there must be at least one regular kerning pair employing the groups you want to use, otherwise it won’t work.

amazing!! thanks :slight_smile:

What does this mean exactly? Can’t figure it out. Trying to make this happen with Thai (the classes are set up):

pos @MMK_L_baseMark-thai' 1000 @MMK_R_ascVowel-thai;

I get:
Error: "glyph class not defined (text was "@MMK_L_baseMark-thai")"

To verify the kerning group names, you can take a look into the features.fea inside the temp folder.

And if those groups are never used in your regular kerning (Window > Kerning), it won’t work.

Thanks for clarifying @mekkablue … ported my issue to here.