Calt alternatives with diacritics

I have a calt feature to replace an ‘a’ with an alternative ‘a’ see below.

sub m a' by a.alt1;

I have then created the diacritics for ‘a.alt1’, but was wondering if the below code is correct way to do this?

sub m a' by a.alt1;
sub m aacute' by aacute.alt1;
sub m abreve' by abreve.alt1;
sub m acircumflex' by acircumflex.alt1;
sub m adieresis' by adieresis.alt1;
sub m agrave' by agrave.alt1;
sub m amacron' by amacron.alt1;
sub m aogonek' by aogonek.alt1;
sub m aring' by aring.alt1;
sub m atilde' by aring.alt1;

Your code works. However, you can also write it more compactly like so:

sub m [a aacute ...]' by [a.alt1 aacute.alt1 ...];

Or like so:

@NormalSmallA = [a aacute ...];
@Alt1SmallA = [a.alt1 aacute.alt1 ...];
sub m @NormalSmallA' by @Alt1SmallA;

(Also, note that the last line in your example code should read sub m atilde' by atilde.alt1;)

Thanks so much for your help, and seeing my error