Calt Feature issue

Hi there,

i’m creating a script font and using lots of .init’s .fina’s .isol’s using mekkablues ‘‘build positional calt feature’’.

Im now adding diacritic glyphs and have run into a problem with my calt feature. The standard glyphs are working fine but when I try to add my new glyphs eg: sacute to the current code I run into an error message

Any ideas?

many thanks,

The tick mark ' turned into a smart quote. Which version of the app are you using? Smart quotes are turned off by default in 2.3.

Got it! Sorry I didn’t spot that!

I am currently using 2.3 though. Its persisting unless I copy and paste a tick mark.

Thank you though,

Right-click in the text field and make the appropriate settings in the Substitutions submenu.

many thanks!