Calt & salt features override default glyphs

My typeface includes three different designs of the letters meem-ar & meem-ar.fina
two were assigned as calt & salt features;
codes are showing below respectively;
Testing in Glyphs font preview looks fine as it should be with features !
Default meem-ar.fina

meem-ar.fina.calt (below)

However; testing with Adobe various applications and on two different Macs resulted NO possibility to get the default meem glyphs !!
Re-Arranging features order also did not resolve the problem !

SALT codes:
sub meem-ar by meem-ar.ss01;
sub meem-ar.fina by meem-ar.fina.ss01;

CALT codes:
lookup calt {
lookupflag RightToLeft;
sub meem-ar’ by meem-ar.calt;
sub meem-ar.fina’ by meem-ar.fina.calt;
} calt;

Default Figures are showing as expected inside the Indesign Glyphs Chart;
but are inaccessible by Character options and OT features !!

Any suggestion to resolve this ?

This could be a feature order issue. From the top of your feature list to bottom, in which order are these features organised?

anyhow here is the last order tested:

Please click on the image to see all.

This strikes me as wrong. Is there an ignore statement missing?